What Is a shimeji?

Well, to make it simple, it's a companion that walks around on your desktop and climbs the sides and even to the top of your screen. The program Shimeji was originally created by Yuki Yamada of Group Finity (http://www.group-finity.com/Shimeji/). There is a better version of the program out that is called Shimeji-ee (http://code.google.com/p/shimeji-ee/) which is pretty much the same thing except it has been translated to English and has a few extra cool features.  As you scroll below, you will find various types of Shimejis available for download. Some are from Deviant Art, and some are from a google website (Kjohnson's Realm). Some are from Animes, video Games and other various public domains. But you will need these programs installed in order to download shimeji:

WINRAR or 7 ZIP (Can be 32 or 64 bit; doesn't matter.)

JAVA 6 (May work with 7 but it's mostly works with 6)


1. Install both of those programs above.

2. Once both of them are fully installed, click on any shimeji you like to download.

3. Once downloaded, it will either open with WINRAR or the original file located on your desktop. (Excract it with WINRAR if nessacary)

4. Once you click on the shimeji's name, another window will pop up, then click on the name again.

5. Next, make sure you have 'shimeji.jar' and 'shimeji.exe'

6. Click on 'shimeji.exe'

7. It should now appear on your screen. Enjoy. :)

Note: If you see a message pop up in Chinese/Japanese regarding about a JAR file, then try downloading JAVA again and make sure you have 6, not 7.)

How do I command my shimeji?

If you are using the original shimeji program, then on the right corner of your desktop toolbar, there is the icon for the shimeji. Right click and there should appear the commands:

1. Another one of the same shimeji!

2. Follow/chase Mouse

3. Reduce to One

4. Restore the IE Window (Just in case they kicked your miniature window out of the way.)

5. Close the program fully.

If you are using Shimeji-ee, then right click either ON the shimeji OR on the desktop toolbar. (There should appear more behaviors to control it.)


There is another way to make him work if Midesko's method does not work.

Simply convert Roxas into the Shimeji-ee version by downloading The Shimeji-ee mischievous pack from this website:


After you download it, extract it with winrar and it should bring up another one in folder form. Click on that and go to 'img' and click on the original mushroom shimeji. Delete all of the image sets there and then bring up another window consisting of the original Roxas shimeji and open up the 'img' folder and Highlight all image sets then DRAG (DO NOT COPY AND PASTE!) over to the shimeji mischievous window. Now go back and click 'Shimeji-ee'.

Another window will pop up letting you choose the image sets.

Un check the Kuro one (the black mushroom) and make sure that Roxas has a check mark. Then click 'selected' 

He should fall down a min. later.

Oh, don't forget!

Best part is, you can now control him and use behavioral commands to make him do whatever you want to.

And also don't forget to rename the Shimeji Mischievous file into Roxas Shimeji. 

Hope that helps!

P.S If you want to see the explanation visually, click on this link:


(This doesn't use shimeji-ee.)


Shimeji Glitch Trick (or short form for 'SGT') is a common glitch that occurs upon shimeji's that use 'Shimeji-ee' only. The basic idea behind this glitch is that the shimeji freezes in whatever pose it is in but continues moving. (For example: my Demyx shimeji is climbing my IE wall while he's sitting.)

Try out different poses and freeze it while it moves around in that pose. XD

Trust me, it will laugh your butt off. (Multiples of the same shimeji are even funnier.)


1. First activate a shimeji-ee.

2. Right click on the icon and don't do anything else

3. They will start to freeze in whatever pose they are in and move around like they normally do.

4. Clicking anywhere on your screen will DE ACTIVATE SGT.

5. Also, try to bring out an IE window. They will start to cling to it in their frozen pose. Watch them fall! XD

Enjoy! :D

Here below is a visual demo of Shimeji Glitch Trick used with the Demyx Shimeji-ee  from Kingdom Hearts. :)

(PART 1 AND 2)



A friend of mine told me that if you have multiple different shimejis on your screen, then that could be risk of raising the CPU to 100%, causing the hard drive in your computer to rapidly spin and over heat, causing the obnoxious loud noise to come out of the heating vents. Only activate 3 or 4 shimeji's or less. No more than 10. :)