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If you have ever seen Metal Fight Beyblade and it's main protaginist, Gingka Haganei, well I want to point out to you MFB fans that I believe that Gingka does not come from Japan. (raised there, not born.)

In my opinion, he actually comes from a planet way far from Earth called Co:pern:ica. (named after the polish astronomer, Nicholas Copernicus)
Every citizen there that inhabit that planet is known as 'Fain', meaning they have special powers to Imageneer (Manifest objects from thier mind), Commingle (Understand someone else's thoughts), and finally Hypnotize other people with violet eyes, making them fall asleep.
Gingka's friends immediately knew that Gingka is Fain.
IDK if you saw my Beyblade Timeline on fanfiction.net or not, but all the way at the second to last story, Gingka also claims that Ryuga is also Fain.
Now, Ryuga does not believe that Gingka is the true dragon emperor until Fainboy showed him his true dragon form, Fain I:lluminus G'lant.
But other than the dragon talk, he can also become a polar bear, Ingavar, inspired by his successfully published book, 'White Fire'
He's also the biggest fan of Soccer. He will never miss his favourite teams playing on the spot. He actually played for a Soccer academy in England earning him the college credit he deserves. He sometimes gets into a sports argument with Ryuga, saying that Soccer is thousand times better than Baseball, but the dragon emperor seems to deny that.
Now the reason why Gingka did not marry Madoka is because he had to go to England for college at that time, but luckily he found some one else that slightly is his type. Her name is Suzanna Martindale and she is kind of a sparky Goth student when Gingka first met her at Scrubbley College.
Her knowledge of all things New Age aids Gingka's investigations into dragon lore. Ultimately, it is revealed that Zanna is a sibyl, able to perform certain kinds of magicks. Although she loves Gingka deeply, their relationship with one another is often rocky and they clash frequently over thier little daughter, Alexa's upbringing. After many twists and turns, they resolve their differences and have a happy life together.
So, that's Gingka Haganei in my point of view.